Brand Housekeeping Checklist

We all get busy in our day to day work and it is easy to forget to keep all the little pieces that represent your brand up to date.  Maybe you’ve been promoted and your LinkedIn profile still has your old title (from 3 years ago and a different company).   Perhaps your web site still lists products you stopped selling months ago.

It’s hard to stay on top of things so here is a check list to run through to keep your brand immaculate.


Google’s New Privacy Policy and Terms of Service coming 1 March

If you a partaker of Google’s services (which probably means you don’t live on a chunk of ice drifting in the North Atlantic) you should be aware of the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service taking effect 1 March 2012.

Why should it even matter?

Because Google knows lots about you.  It knows about you because you have shared with them what you search for, what kind of videos you like on YouTube, which circles you move in on Google+ and who you correspond with on Gmail.  And you have told them that it’s perfectly fine for them to do so.


Social media tip: add your company to LinkedIn

So you’ve created your LinkedIn profile and connected with a few colleagues.  That’s a good start.  But when you filled in your current position and added your company name did you realize you can create a company profile as well?

I’ve noticed many small to medium sized businesses and solopreneurs miss this step and miss out on free marketing to a wide web of people.